In this episodio, Las Pochas talk borderland contributions and how assimilation has pushed some to go Undercover Brown. Plus there's a pop quiz! Spoiler alert - Kat fails. And the Que Hay de Nuevo delves into the business of the WAP. 

Why do we celebrate Labor Day and why aren't we allowed to wear white after? Las Pochas discuss both and more in our bonus content for the long weekend. We also welcome new listeners who've stumbled onto the Pocha Podcast from the Podbean spotlight. Welcome new and OG listeners to another adventure in Pocha-isms!

Las Pochas talk about deportes, the Latinx community, sports as a platform for social issues, and of course you can't talk sports without talking roller derby. Because roller derby. Also, can you guess which Pocha's dad loved watching bass fishing? Join us to find out!

Even with limited outings it was bound to happen, Las Pochas talk about the COVID testing process. Plus they bring out the Fabuloso for a good limpia and talk about cleaning - an art, a job, a traumatic childhood memory. And in the Que Hay de Nuevo, they talk online shopping in the time of a pandemic. Jump in to see what's in their shopping cart!

Trigger warning - In this wiri wiri, Las Pochas talk about the murder of Vanessa Guillen and open up about sexual harassment and assault; a conversation long in the making for the Pochas and for la comunidad. 

At the corner of assimilation and brown n proud there exists not just a quinceañera, but also a sweet 16. For their 16th episode, Las Pochas talk paletas and nieve celebrating National Ice Cream Month, the Goya boycott and the new documentary about Walter Mercado in Que Hay de Nuevo.

Amid the pandemic and an anti-blackness revolution, the Supreme Court has a stack of cases that can change aspects of our lives. One decision they ruled on was about DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Las Pochas talk education, the immigrant family push for their kids to get educated, and if education is still a key to a better life. 

For our June wiri wiri, we revisit appropriating calaveras and Dia de los Muertos in pop culture. Don't you worry though, Las Pochas are cooking up another bonus serving just for you. 

Las Pochas talk current events, continue on their February topic of anti-blackness in the Latinx community, why rebelling matters and in the Que Hay de Nuevo they talk trendy Covid accessories: masks. 

May is mental health month and Las Pochas dig into mental health and the Latinx community with doses of humor and a side trip to a drag show. 

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