This month's wiri wiri is sparked by a TikTok creator. Las Pochas talk about passing in the dominant culture specific to the Latine community. 

It's July, but in some parts school is about to begin. Las Pochas talk shortened summers, early school starts, and shortages. Plus in Que Hay de Nuevo, they go to space with Kat Voltage - the first Mexican-born woman in space. 

New name, same hustle - For many of us, our parents or extended family had more than one job to make ends meet... we called it living. Now you can't scroll through the socials without an ad for a lucrative side hustle. Las Pochas talk making extra money, MLMs, and doing that hustle. 

Admittedly there's a lot going on in our lives so Las Pochas do a mental health check in and unpack what brings them solace and joy. Plus can you guess the movie title based on a one sentence movie plot? Neither could Kat. And in Que Hay de Nuevo, Las Pochas talk jabon as brand ambassadors for Nopalera bath and body products.

Las Pochas hit the road for this wiri wiri and they take on Bill Maher's comments on the trendiness of being trans. Plus Las Pochas chat about what it's like driving while Pocha on a roadtrip. 

It's almost summer time and Las Pochas take a trip down memory lane about packing up la familia and going on a vacay. Plus they talk about the art and stigma of tattoos and in the Que Hay de Nuevo, the Pocha view on overturning Roe. 

Recreational use of cannabis is legal in New Mexico and Las Pochas talk about the history of high and the future of fumando with a Pocha perspective. 

In this episodio, Las Pochas are all about the gettin'. First it's a limpia then they move on to gettin' schooled... or at least paying for school. And in the Que Hay de Nuevo, they celebrate a new Supreme Court Justice but lament the process. 

While Las Pochas spend time at the intersection of Brown Pride and assimilation, some Latine gente have traveled to the intersection of assimilation and white supremacy. In this wiri wiri, Las Pochas talk about Latine folx who have embraced white nationalism. 

The stars weren't aligned for Las Pochas to be together for this episodio. But according to a palm reading, the next best thing was to listen to Las Pochas talk astrology. 

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