Sometimes life throws curve balls. And for that, we do a Best Of. This month's wiri wiri, we're reaching into the archive of Pocha chatter to revisit GenEquis - the tough, the scrappy, the forgotten. Enjoy! And we'll be right back in your ears in no time!

Summer means blockbuster movies so this episodio Las Pochas sing a tune or two about the movie musical, In The Heights. Plus they talk code switching and go out of this world (or at least out of the atmosphere) in the Que Hay de Nuevo. 

What's that? A new federal holiday? Yes! Las Pochas wiri wiri about Juneteenth history and interesting social media reactions. Grab your earbuds and get ready for some bonus content, Pocha style.  

June means Pride month and in this episodio, Las Pochas find themselves in a convo about another intersection - pride and assimilation. Plus, what does being an ally mean and look like to Las Pochas and in the Que Hay de Nuevo; athletes putting care before contracts. 

Las Pochas are dropping some bonus beauty! Listen in as we sit entrepreneur and online phenom Cece Meadows and talk beauty in the Borderlands. 

Whaaaat a second season of Selena? Yes, please! Las Pochas chat about the second season, renewed Selena interest, and her lasting impact. 

This month Las Pochas are all about work - work ethic vs work overload and what happens when brown people work for Border Patrol. Plus Las Pochas talk about May being Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Las Pochas are so excited to sit (virtually) and wiri wiri with Sofía Segovia, author of The Murmur of Bees, for the April wiri wiri! Her newly translated novel, Tears of Amber, hits bookstores and audio platforms May 1st! 

Las Pochas turn two!!! Well the Pocha Podcast does and that means celebrating with birthday talk so grab a piñata and get ready for cake. Plus Las Pochas talk OG camping vs bougie camping and get caught up on second seasons, books and people in Que Hay de Nuevo. 

Slackers, latchkey generation, generation meh... call em what you want, Las Pochas talk GenX and the trauma that created the generation the world mostly forgot. 

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